4.5″ x 42″ Surface Mounted Plate Bollards

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SMRH bollards 42″ tall with a welded dome cap and hidden hardware. This bollard has a .5″ thick steel base plate with (3) .75″ holes for using .625″ diameter wedge anchors for anchoring to a concrete surface.

The hidden hardware bollard has a 1″ stainless steel bolt sticking out the bottom that screws into a 1″ stainless steel nut in the center of the base plate.

SMRH bollards look like an embedded bollard with hidden hardware. At the bollard base it has a set screw for locking the bollard to the base plate after the bollard is screwed to the base plate.

This bollard can also be fabricated out of stainless steel with a #4 finish.

This new style bollard is special order only at this time and will be in stock in the near future for immediate shipping.

45 lbs.

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Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 43 × 6 × 6 in